electronic manufacturing service ems

Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS)

Electronic Manufacturing Service or EMS involves the following activities:

  • Vendor identification to procure components
  • Component procurement
  • Component quality inspection
  • PCB assembly involving both SMT & through hole components
  • Soldering inspection
  • PCBA testing which involves – electrical testing, firmware flashing & functional testing.
  • Re-work & repair of failed PCBA

TronicsZone  has the in-house facilities for the above services to handle prototypes & small batches.  For high volume requirements, we can help the customer by managing all the above activities to our well established vendor network in India & abroad.

We hold the necessary knowledge & experience to manage the complete EMS activities. Since we design the product as well, we possess the best understanding in dealing with its mass manufacturing.

We can be a single point contact to our customers from the design stage up to mass production. 

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