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Tips For Successful Circuit Design

In electronic design, it is important to develop proper schematics of the circuit design for the success of the electronic product. An engineer must draw a neat and clean layout for the required circuit for the specific purpose by using the conventional method or going for Electronic Design Automation tools.
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IoT Mesh Network – 6 promising technologies

Since IoT is a highly customized application, one size does not fit all. So, care must be taken while selecting the type of network. This article analyses on the use of a IoT Mesh Network in an IoT hardware setup, and its pros and application areas.
medical device design

Medical Device Design Considerations

This article discusses in brief on design considerations, registration policies and compliance protocols followed during medical device design from the perspective of Electronic Product Design in particular.
DFT DFM DFA PCB DesignTronicsZone

DFT DFM DFA Design Considerations in PCB Design

Good DFT DFM DFA PCB Design techniques are important for a robust PCB that can be taken into manufacturing. For example, a designer must anticipate the functionality test points and incorporate them in a PCB to facilitate the experimentation during testing stage. Similarly, a good design must satisfy all the parameters to ensure ease of manufacturing and assembly.
iot communication protocols

IoT Communication Protocols

This article discusses the most common IoT communication protocols that can be used while designing an IoT system, including ideas on where to use and when to use these protocols.
signal integrity in pcb designTronicsZone

Signal Integrity in PCB Design

The success of signal integrity in PCB design depends on handling bottlenecks such as reflection, crosstalk, delay, and impedance matching. These problems are the result of increasing data rates at the Input/output and memory interfaces, and due to the high-speed transceiver technologies that are embedded into FPGAs and PCBs.
PID controllerTronicsZone

PID Controller using modern Microcontrollers

PID controller can be implemented using both digital and analog electronics. With the advent of digitization, it becomes essential to understand the implementation of PID with modern digital microcontrollers such as an Arduino. This article discusses the working of PID and its implementation.
Power management in embedded systemsTronicsZone

Power Management in Embedded Systems

The modern electronic devices are constantly in search of more efficiency in all aspects. One of the most important criteria that enhances the value of a device is the amount of power consumed by it. With device manufacturers moving towards an environmentally friendly green computing and clean energy concepts, it becomes imperative to design circuits that are power efficient.
FPGA vs MicrocontrollerTronicsZone

FPGA Vs Microcontroller: When to Use What?

FPGA vs Microcontroller? Programmable devices such as FPGA, microcontroller, and microprocessor are the most powerful tools available to an electronics engineer today. Knowledge on these devices is essential to a professional, student or hobbyist alike. Working on FPGA or Microcontroller programming allows engineers to completely understand the world of electronic programming.
Signal Conditioning CircuitTronicsZone

Need for Signal Conditioning in IoT Sensors

Signal conditioning is a part of data acquisition process that involves stages three important stages that are filtering, amplification and isolation. These steps are followed to make sure that the input signal is compatible with the data acquisition hardware. Proper designing of the signal-conditioning module is critical for maximizing the precision of the data acquisition system.
High speed pcb designTronicsZone

High Speed PCB Design Techniques

The need for high-speed digital circuits is increasing every year, and also the demand for reliable high-speed PCB. The digital PCB circuits are compactly packed with microprocessors, power supply and many other components that are operating at frequencies easily over 1 GHz. These systems are capable of managing billions and billions of operations every second. The performance of this setup relies on the effort made during the design stage to optimize any issues that may arise due to high-speed operation.
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Thermal Management Techniques in PCB design

Printed circuit boards (PCB) are the fundamental component of an electronic system. PCB’s performance enhances the performance of the entire device. With miniaturization of devices, the heat generated per unit area has increased. This, in turn, will make the components within the device to malfunction, reducing the lifetime of the device. The major heat-generating components in an electronic device are microprocessors, transistors, resistors, batteries, solder joints, and copper traces.
air quality sensor

Smart Air Quality Monitoring System

A smart home is a user-convenient home setup, where the home appliances and devices are smart, that is they are interconnected and are remotely operable. All we need is a mobile device or any other device with a network to access and control them. Functions such as access to home security systems, temperature, lighting, water management, and air monitoring shall be done on the go.
emi emc

How can EMC improve the quality of an Electronic device?

Wireless communication technology has taken over the communication engineering arena in this last decade. With ever-increasing high-frequency signals around us, it becomes exponentially important to design every sort of electronic device to withstand all the unwanted interference and perform as expected.

Steps in PCB Design and Manufacturing

Printed circuit board (PCB) is a highly reliable and durable physical circuit design that has become an essential component of any electronic device. Printed circuit boards are made of a very thin substrate board embedded with electronic components interconnected using thin-layer of copper interconnecting traces.
GPS tracker circuit designTronicsZone

How are GPS Trackers Designed?

This article explains the various intricate steps involved in the design of a GPS tracker or a GNSS tracker identifying TronicsZone’s expertise involving such designs. It also provides a brief overview & background information about GPS trackers.
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Customized Arduino Board

How to take your Arduino from Prototype to Production? In this article, we try to explain the steps involved in taking Arduino from prototype POC to production by providing custom Arduino board.
electronic product design

Electronic product design

TronicsZone can help in your Electronic Product Design - Are you in search of a quality electronic product design service provider?
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IoT Sensors

While the use of sensors is as prolonged as the use of electronic devices, the technological breakout by Internet of Things has spiraled up the importance of sensors drastically.

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