Most Trusted Electronic Design Consultants with close to 20 years of Rich Experience!

Electronics Design Consultancy Services

TronicsZone are the preferred Electronic Design Consultants by many companies for seeking professional consultancy. We provide expert guidance in all areas of Electronic Product Design & help steer your products to the next level.

Consultation with Mr.Naveen Nagesha, Owner/CEO of TronicsZone

You can utilize the opportunity for a 1-on-1 consultation with Mr. Naveen Nagesha who will be available for consultations related to all areas of Electronic Product Design & Manufacturing. Your company can hugely benefit from his rich experience/knowledge & his professional experience of close to 20 years in the electronics & embedded systems industry.

He has personally overseen the development of 100s of complex electronic products at TronicsZone which have been successfully completed and delivered to various customers world-wide.

Visit Mr. Naveen’s Linkedin profile to learn more about his achievements & customer recommendations.

His expertise will be available in areas such as

  • Mentoring startups & young professionals
  • Helping your company design effective products that are sound and robust
  • Vetting & validating ideas to check feasibility & identify potential problems
  • Participating in planning of product features & functions that are feasible & achievable
  • Determine if your design approach is going to be cost-effective in terms of manufacturing the product
  • Guiding your company engineers by participating in high level design of the product (hardware architecture, component selection, development tool selections etc.)
  • Reviewing your design and identifying any potential problems or weaknesses in design
  • Participate in your company’s brainstorming sessions
  • Help your company determine best engineering approaches to achieve a target
  • “Be there” to provide general guidance and help related to electronics design aspects
  • General consultations & advisory related to electronic product design
  • Manufacturing line test procedures & processes for quality assurance
  • Any other relevant aspects where you deem fit to pick his brain
TronicsZone's Founder
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Consultation is available with prior appointment on an hourly or on a retainer-ship basis. Please email to set up an appointment.

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