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21+ years of proven track record in Electronic Hardware Design, Embedded Systems, PCB Design, IoT Hardware, Manufacturing Services

TronicsZone if one of the leading electronics design & manufacturing firms based out of Bangalore. We provide a wide array of services that include Embedded Systems, Custom Electronics Design, PCB Design, IoT Hardware, Firmware development, Prototyping & Electronic Manufacturing Services.

With over 21+ years of solid experience in Electronics Design, we have successfully completed 100s of high-tech & complex Electronic Product Designs. We always strive to deliver high quality services at affordable costs.

We are recognized for our fast turnaround with “First time right design” techniques giving you faster time-to-market. The products that we have designed are field proven & working successfully 24/7 over several years, always exceeding customer expectations.

TronicsZone is based out of Bangalore. But we have been successfully catering to a global customer base including India, USA, UK, Europe, Australia etc.

Custom Electronic Product Design
21 years












Experts in Custom Electronics Design & Development

TronicsZone have been successfully providing its Electronic Product Design services to a worldwide customer base including USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Germany, India etc.

TronicsZone is a Top Electronic Product Design and Development Company with Proven Track Record

Electronic Hardware Design Expertise

  • Industrial/Factory Automation
  • Industrial Process Control Systems
  • SCADA – Data Acquisition & Control Systems
  • Medical Diagnostic Instruments & Healthcare devices
  • Internet of Things – IoT & IIoT (Medical, Consumer & Industrial)
  • Home Automation – Smart-homes, Factory Automation
  • Wearable devices
  • IoT sensors
  • Instrumentation, Test & Measurement equipment.
  • Remote monitoring, Control, Alarm reporting & Telemetry devices.
  • Short Range & Long Range Wireless Devices
  • GPS/GNSS Trackers & Telematics
  • Consumer Electronics, White Goods & Appliances
  • Embedded Computers & Control Devices
  • Defence & Aerospace (Re-engineering/Obsolescence Management/Repair/Testers)
  • Custom Arduino Shields
  • Custom Raspberry Pi Hats
Electronic Hardware Design

Customized Electronics Design Services

PCB design

Electronic Hardware Design by TronicsZone is well known for its robustness & stability.

TronicsZone can work on custom electronics design projects both big or small. Be it for large industries or small businesses & individuals. Our work speaks for itself in terms of returning customers, repeat orders, long-term (>10 year) customer retention & excellent customer recommendations. We are very proud of our achievements and our contribution to the electronics industry. A huge Thanks to all our customers for the trust they put in us, which in turn results in them being rewarded with quality work.

Why TronicsZone?

TronicsZone is one of the most prestigious companies based out of Bangalore. Use our trusted services to design your next Customized Electronic Product!

  • Strongly believe in “First time right designs”! Every design is taken through an exhaustive thought process to achieve robustness in the delivered work. They pass through a well established & proven checklist process to ensure most of the common errors are trapped. Hence there is a great risk-reduction due to otherwise painful iterations, thus, saving time & costs. Most of our designs end up being right the first time that can be taken onto production straight away.
  • TronicsZone is doing business successfully since Jan, 2003. The rich learning experience gained over these years in various fields of custom Electronics Design, PCB Design, Firmware Development, Prototyping & Electronics Manufacturing is a huge advantage in itself.
  • TronicsZone strives towards optimizing their designs to achieve low manufacturing costs, with carefully chosen low cost parts, without sacrificing quality, while offering excellent support. We believe in “keeping things simple” hence, the costs are low while maintaining high quality standards.
  • Have completed over 250 medium to complex & custom electronics designs till date and innumerable small sized products.
  • Being a design firm based in Bangalore, India & due to the immense talent pool combined with reasonable operating costs, customers can expect cost-effective, responsive & quality service. Our goal is to work with customers who are looking to outsource their design, programming & manufacturing to lower their costs & improve quality levels.
  • TronicsZone takes a holistic approach towards design of electronic products. We understand that an electronic product once designed, needs to comply with common regulatory standards. So we always follow good EMI, EMC & Safety related design practices in our designs. TronicsZone makes design provisions so that it is easy to pass well known EMI, EMC & Safety testing standards when a product is subjected to it. An overwhelming percentage of products designed by us normally pass the common FCC, CE, UL, BIS tests in the first pass or with very minor modifications.
  • We design Electronic products, from concept to completion & can take it through to successful manufacturing.
  • An enthusiastic team of engineers, technicians & non-technical staff forms the backbone of our services. We strive to ensure all work is delivered as per customer’s expectations, most of the times, easily exceeding the expectations.
  • We believe in educating customers so they are well informed and we never make the customer order more than what is needed to achieve their goals.
  • We follow good design practices including Design for Manufacture-ability (DFM), Design for Test-ability (DFT) considerations.
  • We have huge experience in almost all fields of electronics, covering a wide area in the electronics domain.
  • We not only offer electronic design services, but also support our customers in prototyping, low volume & high volume manufacturing services, thus providing a single-point contact to customers for the entire product life cycle.
  • A majority of our customers have come back to place repeat orders since several years despite several new competition cropping up which goes to show their comfort level & trust in us for the quality of service that they receive.
  • TronicsZone has an impeccable reputation earned through its expertise, hard work, trust worthiness, work ethics & integrity; hard to come by in this modern era. Just don’t take our word for it, just check our customer’s recommendations & reviews!

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Customer Recommendations & Testimonials

See for yourself what our customers are saying!

Naveen and his team have been able to design, manufacture and deliver in time highly specialized and custom made electrical system at a very competitive price. We have been working with him for a year and we are nothing but satisfied with their product and service. We require high precision, low-noise, SMU (Source Measure Units) and portable systems, he delivered and followed throughout our assessment of the unit providing support and guidance.

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Victor SerdioCo-Founder & Chief Technology Officer at Mursla

I have had the good fortune to work with Naveen and the team at TronicsZone recently on a project of significant size and scope. I was thoroughly impressed with the range of technologies and skills on offer at TronicsZone. Their experience in PCB design & assembly and embedded software development were of particular benefit. Having visited TronicsZone, I can attest to both the professionalism and dedication of the team and to Naveen’s gracious hospitality. I would be happy to recommend TronicsZone to anyone looking for help bringing their product to market, and hope to have the opportunity to work with Naveen again soon

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Andrew TeasdaleSenior Engineer at OpenWorks Engineering Ltd

It was my pleasure working with Naveen at TronicsZone. They designed and fabricated samples of control system and developed prototype app for our wearable air conditioner. The project was delivered on time and within budget. They also helped our contract manufacturer debug on a timely basis. I highly recommend TronicsZone. Keep up the great work Naveen. Hope to work with you again soon

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Pankaj SinhaFounder and CEO, MiClimate

I am happy to recommend naveen nagesha, owner of tronicszone. I have worked with naveen for the last 4-5 years by outsourcing our electronics design & software development work to him. He achieved great results in a timely manner and created lot of value in the projects. He is an technical expert with high integrity in electronics hw & sw development and i would recommend him to anyone who is looking for good value.

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Vijay MathurHead of Research and Development (VP Grade) at DiaSys Diagnostics India Pvt. Ltd / Piramal HealthCare Ltd
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