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About Us


TronicsZone offers Custom Electronic Product Design, PCB Design, Embedded Systems Design, Firmware & Software programming, Prototyping & Manufacturing services covering a wide area in the Electronics domain.

About the Founder

TronicsZone is founded & headed by Naveen Nagesha who brings with him about 14 years of experience in Hardware Design & Firmware Development for Embedded Systems. Naveen graduatued from National Institute of Technology, Karnataka (NITK) which is ranked amongst the top engineering colleges in India. He obtained his Engineering Degree in 2002 with specialization in Electronics & Communications.

Since his childhood, Naveen had a passion for Electronics & Programming as a hobby which slowly turned into professional interest after his graduation. The work he does at  TronicsZone now is something he loved right from his younger days!

Over the years, he has developed expertise in the fields of Wireless technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), Medical diagnostics, Instrumentation & Measurement which are some of the toughest areas in Electronics & Firmware design.

When he is not glaring at his monitor trying to optimize a circuit or solving a firmware issue, he loves to spend time with his family, watching movies, swimming or traveling.

You can check out his credentials and customer recommendations at his Linkedin profile here:

About the Company

TronicsZone, since 2003, is providing quality services in Electronic product design, software development, Prototyping & Manufacturing according to custom specifications. We specialize in embedded systems (hardware, firmware, software) which utilize embedded processors or microcontrollers. We offer complete turnkey solutions right from concept design & prototyping all the way up to completely managing your small & large volume production. TronicsZone has completed over 200 medium to complex designs till date and innumerable small sized designs.

TronicsZone is popular for making the designs low cost (for manufacturing), with minimum number of parts per board, while providing high quality of services and support. We believe in “keeping things simple” hence the costs involved are very affordable. You should choose TronicsZone for its affordable costs, fast turn around time & top quality service and support.

We have extensive experience using a variety of popular microcontrollers & processors which you can learn here.

We can handle both big and small projects, be it for big industries or for small businesses & individuals.

Why TronicsZone?

  • Nice to work with:
    We are a friendly company to work with & we provide useful advise to the customers on how to make their products better & compete with other products in the market. We think logically & ensure that the design is robust & meets all the expectations of the customer. Many times we throw in extras free of cost if it can make the product better.
  • Affordability:
    TronicsZone operates from Bangalore popularly known as the “Silicon Valley” of India where skilled professionals are available readily & at reasonable costs. So our services are good value for money.
  • Speed: 
    We take projects only up to our handling capacity and hence we are able to concentrate on each project & finish them within reasonable time.
  • Efficiency & profit maximizing:
    Our designs are simple, uses minimum number of components and very cost-effective to manufacture. We always choose parts that are widely available across the world & when we design a product, we carefully choose low cost parts so that your profit is maximized, with no compromise in quality. We have re-designed existing products of several customers to lower production/parts costs.
  • Reliability:
    All the designs will include a working prototype which is assembled in our lab and fully tested before dispatching them to you. So the product is guaranteed to work when mass produced. Most of our designs easily pass EMC/EMI tests and can be taken to production without much efforts.
  • We do our own PCB layout design:
    We design double & multi layer printed circuit boards (PCB) in house. Unlike most other design firms, we do not outsource PCB design to 3rd parties because PCB design forms integral part of the overall product design and its reliability so we retain total control over it. Our strength lies in high density, small size, low cost board design. Our PCB design/layout service can be used as a standalone service for your existing schematics or to convert old fashioned thru-hole/DIP boards to SMT (surface mount technology).
  • Experience:
    We have in-house design engineers and technicians with great skill, experience and passion for electronics design & programming. We also have several expert engineers working with us on a contract basis whom we hire as necessary. We have designed over 200 products to various customers worldwide.
  • Manufacturing:
    TronicsZone not only are reliable partners for design and prototyping, but also for small to large scale manufacturing of the designed products. We provide a single point contact from design to manufacturing. Having designed the product we know our stuff and are in the best position to take up manufacturing. We manage component sourcing, inspection, board assembly, quality checks, functionality checks, electrical tests through manual or automated test jigs which can be specially developed to suit the particular job under production. We handle small scale assembly in-house, but we have tie-ups with several board assembly facilities to get the boards populated rapidly for large volumes.
  • Our goal:
    To deliver quality & reliable products at affordable costs. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied. We will work with them until their product is designed exactly how they had envisioned it. We also provide useful suggestions to make their products even better.
  • Support:
    In case of any problems, we provide free email and phone support after a design is completed. You can rest assured that your design will be thoroughly tested before dispatching it to you & in most cases exceeds your expectations.

Is our location distance a problem?
Most of our customers are from USA, UK, Canada & Australia who wish to outsource the design job in order to lower overall costs, which is possible due to low operation costs from India. Many customers are initially concerned about the distance, but once they place the design order and had a chance to evaluate the designed product which either match or exceed expectations, they place many more repeated orders. We can assure you that distance is not a problem because Internet & telecommunications has made this world an even smaller place. Timely updates of the work completed along with test results, photos, videos etc can be submitted as proof of progress upon request. We have designed nearly 200 successful products till date to international customers and that count is steadily increasing!

TronicsZone’s policy towards protection of intellectual property & confidential information:
TronicsZone recognizes the fact that most of our customers come to us to get their products designed and convert their ideas to working products. It is understandable that there is a huge concern about the protection of their ideas and intellectual property once this information is disclosed. TronicsZone respects and regards information relating to customer’s intellectual property as confidential & would be happy to execute non-disclosure agreement as long as it is a fair & non-restrictive to our core business which is to provide design services to customers. TronicsZone maintains a non-disclosure agreement with all its employees & sub-contractors. We look forward to a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers.

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