Wifi based Electronic Shelf Label, QR code display module, Smart Label

This Wifi connected Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) or Smart Label designed by TronicsZone can display any image or text sent from cloud server on an e-paper display (EPD). It can be made to display QR codes, barcodes, images or any text. The display will retain the content even when power is switched off. It can operate from batteries or from direct wired 5V DC input.

Applications of WIFI Electronic Shelf Label

  1. Electronic shelf label (ESL) & Digital Price Tags
  2. Generate dynamic QR codes & barcodes for digital payment gateways
  3. Display QR codes or barcodes for products
  4. Display notes, memos, reminders, to-do lists
Wifi electronic shelf label

Wifi Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)

Features & Specifications:

  1. Send any text or image over Wifi to the device from a central cloud server
  2. No requirement to walk around the store to update manually
  3. No requirement to install non-standard gateways & protocol converters  – works with any standard Wifi router
  4. Automatic updation of display data at set intervals
  5. Can retain the image/text even during total power loss
  6. E-paper display for good view angle
  7. Barcode & QR codes can be scanned using laser based scanners as well as Camera based scanners or from mobile/tablet apps
  8. Low power operation
  9. Can operate from batteries or from 5V DC input (micro USB, adapter etc)
  10. Operating temperature:  0degC to +50degC. Humidity: 10-90% RH
  11. Can be customized to suit specific customer requirements at nominal costs.

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