Senior Developer, Embedded Systems (4+yrs experience)

Requirements for eligibility:

  1. B.E/B.Tech/M.Sc in the field of Electronics with good academics.
  2. 4+ years of core experience in the field of embedded systems design and programming.
  3. Be fully responsible for projects from specification to completion, guiding junior engineers & be responsible for the completion of every project in a timely manner.
  4. Customer interaction & support.
  5. Handle multiple projects concurrently executed by different teams.
  6. Must be exceptionally good in C programming, testing/debugging and in advanced C concepts (pointers, structures, unions, interrupts etc).
  7. Must have completed a good number of microcontroller based projects.
  8. Good knowledge of using tools like C cross compilers for microcontrollers.
  9. Handle both big & small projects within deadlines & able to work independently or in a group.

Eligible candidates can apply for the above position by filling out the form below:

Job Application

Senior Developer, Embedded Systems (4+yrs experience)

Please ensure email address is correct. Else, you will not receive any response.
Please enter mobile number so that you can receive SMS in case you are selected for interview.
This will be verified at the time of joining. (Not applicable for freshers)
NOTE: Freshers with at least 6 months certified training in Embedded Systems or C language shall be only considered for a 1 year internship with a nominal stipend.
We expect >= 60% aggregate for all semesters
Please note that we are looking for good expertise in C programming & will be tested at the time of interview. Please do not apply if you are not well versed in C programming.
Although, this is not a strict requirement, having good hardware/circuit design knowledge will be seen as an advantage.
Eg. LPC2148, ATmega, PIC18, 89C51 etc.
We prefer pdf format with a photo. Only files of type pdf, doc, docx, rtf, html, odt, zip are allowed

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