IoT Weight Sensor, Wifi Weighing Scale

This IoT Weight Sensor is a connected weighing scale which can measure weights of various load capacities and upload the measured weight periodically to a remote server. It can upload weight either at specified intervals or when the weight changes by a set threshold.

The Wifi weight sensor can be operated from mains or from batteries.


  1. Smart Warehouses
  2. Automated Inventory Audit & Management
  3. Smart Weighing bridges
  4. Smart Weighing scale
  5. Industrial weighing
  6. Laboratories.
  7. Food industry.
IoT Weight sensor - Wifi Smart Pallet

Wifi Smart Pallet – IoT Weight Sensor

IoT weight sensor

Features & Specifications:

  1. Weighing range: Depends on load cell – Few grams to over a ton
  2. Accuracy: Upto 0.1% of full scale.
  3. Resolution: Upto 20,000 counts.
  4. 24-bit ADC
  5. Wifi connectivity – Can upload weight at set intervals or whenever weight changes by a set threshold
  6. Sampling/reporting rate: Configurable from 30 secs up to several hours
  7. Data reporting protocol: HTTP POST using TCP/IP
  8. Secure HTTPS, Azure IoT Hub & Amazon AWS IoT compatibility coming soon!
  9. Configuration: Through device web page
  10. Buttons for Zero & Span calibration
  11. Operating temperature: -10degC to +50degC. Humidity: 10-90% RH non-condensing.
  12. Power input: 5V-6V DC @ 500mA max.
  13. Standby power: < 5mW
  14. Can be customized to suit specific customer requirements at nominal costs.

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