Design Manager, Embedded Systems (5+yrs experience)

Requirements for eligibility:

  1. B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech/M.Sc in the field of Electronics with good academics.
  2. Having 5+ years of core experience in developing complex embedded systems/FPGA based projects.
  3. Be fully responsible for handling complex embedded systems projects from scratch to completion guiding junior team members & working along with them.
  4. Must be excellent in hardware design & analysis (analog, digital, mixed signal) with quick & effective troubleshooting skills.
  5. Must have exceptional C skills and knowledge of common programming languages (like python)
  6. Must be skilled at troubleshooting software problems.
  7. Provide guidance & support to help team members make progress with obstacles faced during their development.
  8. Customer interaction & support.
  9. Handle multiple projects concurrently executed by different teams.
  10. Must have completed a good number of embedded systems/FPGA based projects.
  11. Proficient with use of all kinds of test & measuring equipment such as oscilloscope, signal generator, logic analyzer etc.
  12. Be able to establish and follow good quality systems & working procedures.
  13. Be able to learn new technologies & adopt according to our requirements.
  14. Must be able to work independently with very little or no guidance.

Eligible candidates can apply for the above position by filling out the form below:

Job Application

Design Manager, Embedded Systems

Please ensure email address is correct. Else, you will not receive any response.
Please enter mobile number so that you can receive SMS in case you are selected for interview.
This will be verified at the time of joining. (Not applicable for freshers)
Please fill this carefully. Applications with unreasonable expectations will be rejected.
We are looking for very strong C coding, debugging & testing skills
Solid understanding of hardware/circuit design is a must
E.g.: STM32H743, LPC1768, Spartan 6 etc
You should have completed at least 5 medium/large level projects to qualify
We work on complex projects that are long term, so long term commitment is a must
We prefer pdf format with a photo. Only files of type pdf, doc, docx, rtf, html, odt, zip are allowed

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